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This programme includes everything you need to answer all your questions about gestational diabetes and simple steps you can take to optimise your nutrition and lifestyle to give you and your baby the best start. This programme is ideal for someone who is keen to follow the programme with the optimum support and the added benefit of up to 7 x 1:1 consultations conducted over Zoom and phone check-ins in the weeks we don’t meet for a consultation.

You don't have to have gestational diabetes to use this package and you can start it at any stage in your pregnancy

Additionally this package includes a 45 minute 1:1 consultation after the baby is born to get advice for yourself and your baby. This is such a lovely time but it can be exhausting and really difficult to get healthy routines established for your baby, yourself and the family. I will be here to help.

I will answer all your queries in between consultations and you also get expert advice on reducing your risk of getting T2 diabetes after your baby is born. This advice will be tailored to suit the whole family.

You don't have to have gestational diabetes to use this package and you can start it at any stage in your pregnancy. This is not a 'diabetes diet'. You will find recommendations, tips and recipes to help you follow a healthy diet with emphasis on key prenatal nutrition for both mum and baby. It is best to get as much of the key nutrients from mums diet as possible but it difficult to provide all these and some nutrient supplementation is usually required in pregnancy. This course provides up to date advice on the best prenatal supplements. You should always mention any supplements you are taking to your Doctor.

Your Platinum Programme

what's included

Introduction to your gestational diabetes programme and how to access all the material
Gestational diabetes explanation and motivational material 
Initial 60-minute consultation - personalised plan & recommendations
6 x 30-40 minute follow-ups
A weekly 20-minute check in phone call in between follow-ups – available no matter early in your pregnancy you book the programme.
Queries answered in between
Blood sugar balancing tips and recommendations.
Tips to help balance hormones and mood
Stress reduction and sleep tips
Self-care & recipe ebooks
Suggestions to relieve symptoms
Eating out and special occasions tips
Meal planner & recipe suggestions
Food & blood sugar diary to use if you wish
Practical and safety tips for insulin users
Hospital/delivery tips
Post-delivery video - tips & care for mum and baby
Recommendations to reduce the risk of T2 diabetes for mum & the whole family
Post-delivery 45 minutes consultation for mum & baby – personalised recommendations & recipes




On all of these programmes you have the option to book additional weekly, biweekly or monthly personal one to one support after the baby is born to help you keep you energy levels up and maintain good blood sugar balance. I am here to listen to your concerns, provide support to help you with easy meal planning, balance your mood and optimise your sleep. I love to hear how you and your baby are doing and to help in any way I can. I sometimes get to meet babies on these calls, which I love. I schedule these calls when I can be flexible with time because babies are the bosses!

Book your free consultation

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How it works


This is a mini consultation, conducted over the phone but preferably on Zoom, where you can tell me about your health challenges and goals. I will listen carefully and consider how I can help you. I will explain how I work and we can decide if we are a good fit to work together to achieve your health goals and get you feeling your best. This no obligation call is so important.

It will help you feel confident in your decision to work with me or not and it will help me decide if you would benefit from my programme. At the end of the call I will give you some tips that you can implement straight away. I look forward to meeting you. 

If you feel you can manage with a programme to follow and don’t need one to one guidance, the silver package may suit you. If you wish you can go ahead and purchase it here…You can upgrade to one of the other packages if you change your mind.


If we decide to work together I will send you an in-depth questionnaire and a food diary to complete straight away.


The initial consultation usually lasts about 60-75 minutes on Zoom or in person in , during which time I will ask you more details about your health concerns, symptoms, medical history etc. I will have an initial plan ready based on your questionnaire and health review call. We then will work together to create individualised wellness goals and a plan based around dietary changes that you will have agreed to, lifestyle changes and supplementation if necessary. After the call I make any necessary changes to your personalised plan and send it to you. I will answer any queries you have between consultations.


They usually last 30 minutes and are scheduled at a frequency depending of the package you have chosen.  In order to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments to each client’s  individual  journey, these steps are crucial. Further follow-ups may be required depending on the complexity of your health concerns or programme chosen.

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to take back control of your health?

Are you ready...

Consultations tailored to your unique needs to guide you in achievable steps towards your health goals. I work to get to the root cause of your symptoms. We’ll identify any imbalances and deficiencies in your diet and devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan according to your specific needs.

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