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Monday, 17th Sept 2023 

This challenge was made for you if you are super busy and don't have time to figure out what you need to do to get control over your sugar cravings 

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Is this you?

Sound familiar?

Do you need a sugary treat in the morning or afternoon, just to keep going? 


Do you have an insatiable urge for sugary or carby food and feel your cravings have taken you over?

Can you rationally say to yourself 'I'd love a biscuit with my coffee, but I know I won't be able to stop at one so I won't have any'?


Or are you more likely to feel compelled to give in and say to yourself 'I'll just have one, oh ok I may as well have two,' and before you know it the packet is nearly empty?  

I hear you

The Sugar Rollercoaster

An invisible force

How would you feel if you could break free of the sugar cycle, have more energy, glowing skin, improved mood and digestion, save money and lose a few lbs if you need to?

I am here to help you get off the sugar roller coaster!

what's included?

Everything you need to get set up, even before the course begins

Two weekly live chats to explain everything and answer questions

(Watch the recording if you can't join)

The low down on sugar cravings and how to painlessly tame them 

Get to know where added sugar lurks and how to avoid it

Shopping guide including recommended products

Weekly meal and snack suggestions and recipes

21 days of tips and tricks for your busy life

How will this couse help you?

Sugar isn't all bad, only when we depend too much on it. I will help you find a healthy balance while being able to enjoy the sweeter things in life, too. 
Not only will I help you ditch your sugar cravings I will also guide you to seamlessly build in healthier strategies that will give you more energy and stamina to enjoy your life. No more 3 p.m. slumps! 
I'm sure you have tried to give up sugary food before. The problem with just quitting on your own is that you don't get to understand why sugar has such a hold on you and what you can put in place to fill that gap, so that sugar cravings have no place to come back in. That's why it's impossible to do it on your own. 
I have helped hundreds of clients get rid of their sugar cravings.  

I'm your blood sugar expert...


Join the 21-day sugar challenge today!

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